I went to one of the petstores that had training and my dog got kicked out and I learned very little. I found Carol and attended a group class and we did very well. WE LEARNED ALOT! Her knowledge of dogs and behavior is top notch and my dog is so good I really enjoy her now. I told Carol that she does not charge enough for all you get in a group class! Sarah, Luckey, OH

I am almost 70 years old and have had dogs all my life. I have been to other trainers. The difference between your class and the others is you really made me fall in love with this dog due to a deeper understanding and the dog loves me! P.A. Whitehouse, OH

Thank you so much for all of your patience and advice. You have been such a help to me, and I am sure I would not have Chelsea with me now if it were not for you. Both you and your husband Ernie have a real gift! Thank you again, gratefully. Pat S. Perrysburg, Oh.

My trainer, Carol is the best. She was the only one who had faith in us and encouraged us not to quit. I had one trainer tell me it wasn’t possible to keep 4 Jack Russell terriers together and another who is an expert on aggression tell me that it probably would never work out, but we followed Carol’s advice and we took her obedience classes and with a little help from my vet and the medications he recommended, we did work it out. It was out of necessity that we came to training. My 4 Jack Russells were fighting all the time and I was getting stitched up every other week and so were they. They were lifting their legs in my house, barking constantly and really just driving us nuts. Nobody listened and it was a nut house. When Karlo our German shepherd came along, they wanted to kill him and tried several times. What I had down pat was the loving and coddling and babying, but what was missing was the respect for each other and for people. We needed a little extra help with the medications, but it was short term and doing the behavior modification while the meds took the edge off of their high strung temperaments was the key. I very rarely have squabbles now and I can break it up with a voice command instead of reaching in to grab dogs and getting bitten. For the most part I have complete control. I taught my dogs that the best thing in their world is to make me happy. When they are being good I hug and kiss them and play with them and tell them how wonderful they are. When they are acting up, a quick “NO! that’s enough!” will get results. They realize now that when I am happy, so are they. It took some changing on my part and my trainer tells me all the time how many medals I deserve, but I love my dogs and I want to be happy with them, so I kept searching for a way to make it work and luckily found one. G.B. Rossford, Oh.

My life has been much better since you have spent time with my master and me. I now go for walks almost every day which I dearly love. I eat much better now that I’m on your program. I feel safer and I love the recall game because I get lots of treats. Thank you for helping my master understand me and thank you for teaching me how to be a “good citizen” Love, Lacy and K.S. Oregon, Oh.

Before we started training with Carol, Tammy was a notorious fence jumper and runner and was slightly dog aggressive. She would jump 5 foot fences and run around the neighborhood, barking at everyone she saw and ignoring all commands to come. After the first session with Carol, Tammy was coming when she was called and would only jump if we didn’t see her and correct her. By the time we were done training, Tammy wouldn’t even try to jump the fence, and we could walk strange dogs into our home without a problem. Within 4 months, we could have her out with us on the front porch without a leash on, with no worries that she would try to take off. We now have three dogs, and they are all great. M.K. Toledo, Oh.

We were at wits end! We have 3 dogs and decided to take our “worst” dog to the group classes. Wow, what a difference it has made even with the other dogs! The first night was worth the price! A. A. Toledo, Oh.

I want to pass on some compliments we have received since you are largely responsible for them. Thunder had a vet appointment and wowed both the vet and the tech. They both commented on how well trained he was and the vet even said that he was better behaved than his own dog. Thunder even ignored the cat sitting on the counter in the waiting room!!! Yes, I am in fact talking about the same Thunder!
People who have not seen the dogs for a few months have all commented on the change in them. Their dog sitter even noticed the improvement when she was back in August. It’s nice to hear these things. I did want you to know that we are very appreciative of your help and are continuing our efforts.
Jack has been great with people and we have not had a repeat of the lunging that occurred last winter. The other day I did not get the door closed well when Daniel and I went out to wait for the school bus, Jack just sat in the open doorway and never left the house. In so many ways he is such a great and surprisingly intelligent dog. I don’t know if this has any relevance to Thunder, but Jack has recently become much more snuggly. He used to like to be near, but not touching. Now he is frequently laying snuggled against me or with his head on me. B.M. Toledo

~Dear Carol,

This is just a short note to thank you so much for helping us to become the “alphas” in our 4 dog home! Before you, we had a 2 year old mix with separation anxiety and his sibling who had an aggression towards our 2 six year old mini doxsies (aggression that could have been deadly to these small dogs). We researched dozens of dog training books, tried many techniques, and were finally resigned to medicating them with “puppy Prozac” just to survive. We just had to find something that would put a damper on Bailey’s excessive barking, destructive and highly “strung out” behaviors (behaviors that would last for hours and hours) each time we left the house. Our veterinarian suggested we call you before we get the prescriptions. We weren’t sure this would work as we seemed to have tried everything, all to no avail. Yet, during your first visit, Bailey’s anxiety was markedly reduced! And by the 2nd session, I would say he was “cured”. Teaching us how to be “in charge” and how to read Maizie’s emotions before it escalates to aggression, has helped her be a much calmer and more docile family member. We have not had an aggressive attack since! You were a Godsend to us! After completing your in home training sessions and practicing your positive training techniques, we find ourselves to be leaders of our pack of 4 now well-behaved dogs. Thanks for everything you did for us and for offering to always “be there” for us if we need you. Brenda, Northwood