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Private class________

Owner’s name____________________________ Phone_______________


Dog’s name___________________________________________________


Spayed/neutered?  Yes____No_____ Veterinarian___________________

Does your dog have any issues that would put any person or dog in jeopardy?  Yes____ No____ If yes, explain________________________________________

Has either the owner and/or dog had any previous training?_____________________________________________________________

Any special behavior problems or concerns? Goals?

Referred by?_____________________________________________________

Payment in full is required with this registration form to secure your place in class.

Partial refund (all but $40) given if APF is notified of cancellation 2 weeks prior to start date.



Make checks payable to A Promised Friend LLC. Send your completed registration form to:  “A Promised Friend” LLC, 8547 Arquette Rd., Oregon OH. 43616


Dogs must be current on shots, heartworm and flea prevention.

Signature of applicant_______________ _______________________Date__________

  “A Promised Friend”LLC-Rules of Conduct


These rules are provided for everyone’s safety and should assure the best possible results in training.


  1. Dogs must be kept in the car on the first visit until proof of Spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm and flea prevention is verified with the trainer. (Certificate/receipt or note from veterinarian or rescue group will suffice… YOU MAY SEND THIS WITH REGISTRATION).
  2. Dogs must be on a leash or long line while on the property and kept a safe distance from other dogs and participants.
  3. We encourage family participation, but children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult and kept under control at all times and must not leave the building without an adult. (There will be a seating area provided for children and they must remain there until called out by the trainer to participate in an exercise).
  4. Absolutely no one is to give treats to or handle any dog, other than their own before, during or after training.
  5. Trainer reserves the right to dismiss any owner, child or dog that is acting in an unacceptable manner or disrupting the class. (Dogs that are unable to participate in class will be invited to private training sessions).
  6. All participants in training must remain in the training area of the property, which includes the parking area, building and agility yard when appropriate. (No one is permitted near the pond or horse barn at any time)!


I have read and understand the above rules and agree to abide by them.

I realize that by participating in a dog related activity there may be inherent risks and   by following the above rules I will be limiting those risks for me, my family and dog.


Signature_______________________________________ Date____________