Are you certified?

I have been asked this question now and then. My answer to that is: What certification do you want me to have? I do have certificates of completion from attending seminars. Please beware of certified trainers who are certified in only one method.

There are a few different certifying bodies that critique different methods of training. There is not just one national approved method of dog training. Since I train in my own method, where would I get certified? I have studied many different methods and use mostly positive reinforcement…but I train to the natural dog games and it is very fun and unique.

There is a significant cost to belong to these organizations and comply with their criteria. It can range from a few hundred to thousands. Since I have done animal rescue and helped many different dogs and various other species over the years, I cannot warrant paying this, when the money could be better spent on animals in need. On that note, I try to keep cost down for my clients. As with any other business, the more money I spend each year, the more I have to charge for my services.

I have owned nearly 50 dogs over the years. (Plus the thousands I have fostered and trained). I have gone to the school of hardknocks. I have learned my skills and developed my techniques from hours and hours of studying animal behavior and natural dogs. I believe that I have more experience in field study and have calmer, more content, and better behaved dogs because of it.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding…when you come to my class you will meet my dogs. You will see how they behave and that they are great and reliable dogs. They come from all sorts of backgrounds from out of control, aggressive and fearful to my calm attentive companions.