About Carol


I have a great love and respect for all animals, especially dogs.  Since childhood, I’ve  read many books on dogs, their behavior, and how to train. I read fact and fiction about dogs.  As a child, I would spend days and weeks luring and taming stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood, and then bring them home. As a Christian I believe everyone is given talents and purpose, and I believe this is my purpose in life.

More than twenty-five years ago, I started working with rescued animals and since, have been an advocate of neutering pets and leaving the breeding to code of ethics breeders.

I’ve taken in problem dogs such as fence jumpers, run-aways, hyper, aggressive, skittish, and unhousetrained dogs. I found that within days, or at the longest, two to three weeks, these dogs were behaving well on and off lead and were really no problem. Through the years, I have taken these dogs one by one, and immediately started training, took care of their vet care, especially neutering, and then placed them for adoption. Many have found homes, but now we own fourteen dogs, only two of which we bought as puppies, and eleven that we acquired due to other people being irresponsible. We also have other rescued animals such as horses, cats, pigeons, chickens, and finches that we take care of, plus our latest challenge … an unsocialized, abandoned wolfdog.

Several years ago, I started training other dogs as a favor to friends who were having problems, and they saw the way my dogs behaved at home and in public. I was very flattered and happy to share the gift that I was given.

Finally, I decided to try to help the animals stay in their original home. So when people would call me to take their dog, I would offer training to solve their problem, I also gave them other options besides placing their dog. Some took me up on it, and some who still got rid of their dog, referred me to the new owner. So training finally started to take off.

As well as the private in home training, I offer classes in a climate controlled facility and also offer training in local parks. I have worked with the Saint Bernard rescue, Rottweiler rescue, Jack Russell rescue, Golden Retriever rescue, Vizsla rescue, German Shepherd rescue, Planned Pethood, Save-a-Pet, and evaluated dogs for local pounds and humane societies. I am a member of APDT (a trainers association) and registered with the “AKC” as an evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen program, I hope to certify many rescue dogs to increase their chances for adoption. I have volunteered with the preschool Head Start program and Toledo Public Schools providing dog safety and pet care seminars. My goal in training is not to win ribbons, but that people will enjoy their dogs like I do mine! A well-behaved dog makes good “PR” for all dogs.

I still remain updated on new and modern training techniques by attending seminars, reading the latest literature and watching many available videos about dogs and their behavior.